MASS - Pressure Gauge



"MASS" is one of the widely accepted brand across the world. "MASS" is in fact becoming the symbol for precise solution in Process & Engineering industries. "MASS" Pressure and Temperature gauges are recognized even by competitors, as being the most reliable product available in this market segment.

Mass has come a long way in these past years by continues improvement and innovation programmes. Extensive Research and Development activities has allowed to introduce added new products like Bi-metal gauges, Differential gauges, Hygienic gauges etc.

Beyond adding new products, "MASS" has continuously been setting new standards in quality. "MASS" is committed to provide excellent product with utmost customer satisfaction. Individual Testing and Calibration of each & every gauge before it leaves the factory. This led us to take the boldest step in future and probably for the first time in the history of this industry, "MASS" offered an extended warranty of 12 months on pressure gauges.

The rest is history as today "MASS" PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE GAUGES are on application in virtually every industry throughout. High investments in technology have resulted in our ability to offer solutions to most of the applications involving extreme conditions like very high temperature or pressure.

Our customers are faced with a diverse range of applications and challenges-that's why Mass has developed a flexible and adaptable portfolio of market focused products. And that’s why our staff dedicated teams of EPC Project Managers who will support you from FEED through project completion, and beyond.

It starts with product selection. The experience and product selection technologies we bring to bear ensure that you get the best-fit product for every application. Our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 facilities, tested rigorously, and validated through agency approvals. They are delivered to your location on time, clearly packaged for installation with all the required documentation.

We understand your challenges. We speak your language. We’re here to help. We make it easy.

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