Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

The pressure switches operate with a snap-acting switching mechanism which is controlled by a diaphragm and which is adjusted with helical springs. If the set value is exceeded, a contact is activated, deactivated or switched over.

The pressure switches are either permanently set at the factory or can be adjusted by the user himself for a wide range of switching pressures.

Pressure switches are explosion-proof, ATEX approved, weatherproof, compact and low cost. Applications include HVAC applications, process applications, all weather applications, and gas furnaces.

A pressure switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact as soon as a preset pressure is reached. Depending on the requirement, pressure switches are used with mechanical or electrical switch contacts, with or without displays and with various setting possibilities.

Adjustable differential pressure switches

The adjustable differential pressure switches of the series 930.8 x Climair® and 911.81 are primarily used in ventilation and air-conditioning systems for monitoring the air flow in air ducts, as well as in filters, flaps and fans. They are suitable for air and also other non-inflammable and non-aggressive gases.

General Purpose Pressure Switches

All-purpose pressure-actuated devices used across industries to indicate on/off signal through a contact or set of contacts are available. Modular approach to building a switch based on available features, functions and accessories allow you to customize an assembly suitable for your application without adding excessive cost or lead time. 

Special Features

Pressure switches are one of the most commonly used fluid control components on the market today. We use them at home, in our refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. Whenever a gas or a liquid is handled pressure almost always needs to be controlled in some sort of way. Solon Manufacturing’s industrial pressure switches employ the same principles but are manufactured to withstand rigorous operating conditions with the assurance and benefits of an electro-mechanical switch. This leads to improved operating control, which can then lead to improved processes and systems. Electro-mechanical pressure switches are also more reliable than digital and electronic instruments in the event of a power outage.

All-purpose pressure-actuated devices are used across industries to indicate an on/off signal through a contact or set of contacts. These electro-mechanical general purpose pressure switch devices are available exclusively from Solon Manufacturing Co. Solon’s modular approach to building general purpose pressure switches have resulted in available features, functions, and accessories which allow for the customization of an assembly suitable for your application, without adding excessive cost or a lengthy lead time.

Solon’s pressure switches feature varied capabilities to meet a wide range of diverse needs. Our engineering staff is always available to answer your electro-mechanical and gas control pressure switch questions.

Pressure Switch Features and Benefits

The design of general purpose electro-mechanical and gas control pressure switches for air compressors allows many unique features to be combined to specify unusual pressure switch functions. Some of these features and functions include:

  • Complete adjustable pressure ranges from 0-1.5 WC through 10,000 PSI include pressure, vacuum, vacuum-pressure, and differential pressure.
  • S.P.D.T. electric switches with 15 amp, AC ratings are standard. High DC rated switches and hermetically sealed switches are easily specified.
  • A simple sensitive mechanism produces low deadbands. An adjustable deadband is available on most models as a feature.
  • With the cover removed, all wiring terminals and pressure adjustments are directly accessible from the front. Convenient conduit outlets are sized for easy wiring.
  • All models are supplied with mounting brackets that make surface mounting easy. Panel mounting brackets and pipe mounting fittings are available, and some models can be mounted directly to standard flanges.
  • Many distinctive features can be specified on all models to customize a switch for an application.



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